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This site exists to support the mobile Android applications, Squash Scorer and Squash Scorer Plus which can be found in the Android Market (Google Play).



The Squash Scorer Apps have been written to help referees and markers by simplifying the process of scoring matches. They support the Hand-In-Hand-Out and Point-a-Rally scoring systems and you can specify the number of points per game and games per match. The Plus version also supports scoring for doubles matches. They have timers for warmups and between games.

The Apps also provide interesting and useful statistics regarding the matches, games and players and provides detail in a WSF format for each game. The Plus version has a graphical view of match progression as well as additional statistics relating to doubles matches.

The Apps allow for sharing of the results for both the current match being scored and historical matches using Twitter, eMail and Facebook. The Plus version produces a full WSF scoresheet as an attachment to an eMail.

I’ve been playing squash for 30 years and I can genuinely say that the Squash Scorers have improved the game for me. I hope you enjoy the applications.


Tim Medhurst


8 responses to “About

  1. Peter Pirtheesingh

    Nice helpful app. In the statistics reporting can reports be improved to include not just overall points won or lost (left or right) but location of % winners to errors ratio based on total rallies played? Another could be number of shots used – drives, cross courts, drops etc.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your suggestions.

      Any extensions to do with how points are won and lost are what I’d consider to be coaching extensions and I’ve considered how I’d do them in the past and thought that it ought to be a separate specialist coaching app. Perhaps a “Squash Coach” app.

      Having said that, it’d be nice to keep it all in the same app and tailor how the app works through its preferences. I think for now, I’ll add the ideas to the “to do” list and others can add further suggestions until I get to the point of actually going down that path.

      Cheers and thanks for your support,

  2. Gavin

    Great app only issue I have is with a game drawing 10 10. It’s gives an option for 1 or 2 points. The player needs to win by 1 or 2 points not play 1 or 2 more points. Id remove the 1 point as all squash games are played by the 2 point rule.

    • Hi Gavin,

      Thanks for supporting the app! There are a few ways deuce can work in the current version of the app. When the option “Deuce-Player’s choice of 1 or 2” is selected on the homescreen

      Deuce Options

      then when deuce happens, say 10-10 in a game to 11, then the receiver gets to choose 1 or 2 more and if one more is chosen then the win is 11-10 or 10-11. If the choice is 2 more then the win will be one of the following 12-10, 12-11, 10-12 or 11-12 and so the win will be by 1 or two points and not 1 or 2 points played.

      There are two other options on the home screen “Deuce-Player’s choice of 1,2 or 3” which works in the same way except it’ll be up to 3 points ahead and the final choice is “Deuce-Two ahead” and if this option is selected the game will continue until the required number of points has been reached, say 11, AND the player is at least 2 points ahead of his opponent. This, I believe, is the option you want to have set for your 2 ahead standard PARS games.

      I am about to add another option “No Deuce” with the next release. This will mean the game finishes as soon as a player reaches the winning score irrespective of how many points the opponent has.

      In short, the app already does what you want but you may need to change the deuce choice on the homescreen.


  3. Michael

    Hi Tim

    First time user, vers 2.20. Last night i was scoring a standard 5 set match. when i completed the fifth game squash scorer zeroed the first game. the last four games scores were fine, and it still remembered the match outcome 3-2.
    Is it a bug, a cache issue, or did I do something wrong?

    Michael (RSA)

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that before.
      If you go to the statistics screen and then long press on the match to bring up the detail, what do you see?


  4. Tim,
    Great App. It has really come along well with all the improvements. I like using it and showing the HArdball doubles squash community, which is complicated scoring, but the app handles it fine.

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