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Scoring Screen, the arrows explained

The Arrows are no longer the default mechanism of showing whether the last point was a handout or a won rally as of version 2.21. The arrows are still available as an option and can be enabled in the preferences screen.


Quick Q&A:

Q. Who served that last rally?

A. The arrow points to the server of the last rally

Q. What side did the server of the last rally serve from?

A. The arrow comes from the box where the server of the last rally served from

Q. Do I call handout or not?

A. If the Arrow points towards the receiving positions, the last rally was a handout.

Both the Squash Scorer and Squash Scorer plus Apps have the ability to score either “traditionally” where the referee enters the call into the app and the app decides who to award (ie “Rally Won” or “Handout”) or the referee taps on the player who won the rally and the app decides whether it was a Rally Won or a Handout.

When scoring by player it is useful to know whether the result was a Rally Won or a Handout and so the App displays this by showing an arrow. The arrows are optional and may be turned on in the Preferences. By default the app will show the simplified “Hand Out” and “Rally Won” notification.

The simple rule for the arrow is that it always points from the box where the previous serve happened to where that server is now for the start of the point about to be played.

The upshot of this is that if the arrow is like this


Then it was as a result of a Rally being won by the server who then changed sides for the next point.

However if the arrow heads towards the back court like this

device-2013-05-30-205408Or like this


Then that means it was a handout. In the example just above, Amr Shabana was serving from the right in the previous point but lost the rally and is now receiving on the left.


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