Change Requests

This post is dedicated to listing the outstanding change requests.


  • Ability to retrospectively change match dates
  • Edit player names during a match


For a later release

  • Ability to set up a series of matches ahead of time
  • Add referee call prompts as an option (ie. show a series of popups that the referee could read to fulfil refereeing duties)
  • Add the ability to see progressive scores during scoring using the “1-2 L”  notation.
  • Support for 3 referee system
  • Support for displaying to an external monitor to an audience
  • Integration with websites
  • Improve doubles serving order selection
  • Ability to select background colours for player buttons
  • Better searching in the player select contact list


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2 responses to “Change Requests

  1. Bryson Hawkins

    Hi Tim,

    please don’t remove “Two Ahead”! – that format is absolutely critical for tournament matches where “Set One” (One More) and “Set Two” (Two more) are not even allowable options!

    In fact, I was also going to ask if we could have a “Three More” option, because that’s what Juniors play in their Pennant matches here in the ACT!

    Regards, Bryson.

    Yowie Squash 75 Deamer Crescent, Richardson ACT 2905 phone / fax: + 61 (2) 6298 3913 mobile: 0400 985 650 email: website:

    • Hi Bryson,

      Edit : I’ve edited the post to make it more clear and added a couple of screenshots.

      I’m not removing it entirely, its going to be an option that will apply for the entire match. So having the “Two Ahead” option set will mean all games will finish when a player reaches the number of points to win and are two points clear of their opponent.

      The two remaining options “One More” and “Two More” will still apply if the “Two Ahead” option isn’t set.

      I can take a look at adding a third “Three more” option if needed. As it turns out Hardball doubles has three options “No Set”, “Set Three” and “Set Five” and all those will still apply.

      Does that work for what you need?


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