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Change Requests

This post is dedicated to listing the outstanding change requests.


  • Ability to retrospectively change match dates
  • Edit player names during a match


For a later release

  • Ability to set up a series of matches ahead of time
  • Add referee call prompts as an option (ie. show a series of popups that the referee could read to fulfil refereeing duties)
  • Add the ability to see progressive scores during scoring using the “1-2 L”  notation.
  • Support for 3 referee system
  • Support for displaying to an external monitor to an audience
  • Integration with websites
  • Improve doubles serving order selection
  • Ability to select background colours for player buttons
  • Better searching in the player select contact list


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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer Plus – Preferences

The preferences screen is where you can set the preferences for how the app behaves. Also you can set default values for eMail and Twitter addresses.


When “Traditional Scoring” is disabled, the method of scoring becomes a simplified system where you need only to tap on the player who won the rally and the app will determine whether a handout has occurred or not and score the rally accordingly.

device-2013-04-28-170119When “Enable Negative Scores for Handicap” is selected, you will be able to use the adjustment controls available on the scorer screen to adjust scores to be negative.

When “Disable Screen Saver in Scorer” is selected, the device will no longer periodically initiate the screen saver lock screen or dimming when the application is on the scorer screen with no input from you. The application will still allow the screen saver/lock screen to happen on other screens, however.

When “Show Scoreboard in Scorer” is selected, the application will show the scoreboard in the scorer screen.

When “Vibration Feedback” is selected, the device will vibrate once when “Rally Won” is pressed and twice when “Hand Out” is pressed. This gives non-visual confirmation of the scoring action.

device-2013-04-28-165735When the “Edit Timers” button is selected you are taken to a screen that lets you select the timer times for the warmup, between games and injuries. You can also select whether you want an audible alarm which will happen at the half way point of the warmup, end of warmup, 15 second warning of the between game time and end of the between game time. A match duration option shows a permanent timer on the scorer screen.

When “Use Location when Sharing” any share messages will also include the location where the post, email or tweet came from. The location is city and suburb. When the device cannot get a fix on the location it will display “an unknown location” until such time as a location fix has been made.

The “Twitter Account to tweet results to” field is the name of a Twitter account that will have the tweet directed to in addition to the Twitter account “squashscorer”. For the example above this means that the Twitter message will contain an @mySquashClub. You may follow the Twitter account ”squashscorer” on Twitter to see all results that have been posted.

The “Mail Recipient” field is the mail address that will be automatically included in the “send to” field of the mail message. You may add more recipients of course.

The Export and Import buttons allow you to backup, restore or simply share the matches you have scored. More detail can be found in the Export and Import Posts.

You can also access the Edit Players screen from here.

You may swipe to the right to navigate back to the Match Info screen from here as well as using the buttons provided at the bottom of the screen and use the menu to bring up further navigation options.

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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer and Squash Scorer Plus – Player Edit screen

The Player Edit screen allows you to change the names of players. You cant change the name of a player who is currently in a match being scored so finish that match and “Start a new match” first. The player Edit screen is applicable to both the Squash Scorer and Squash Scorer Plus applications.

device-2013-04-28-165800Simply tap on a player and change their name where it appears in the top section. This screen uses autocomplete to help you consolidate names that weren’t entered exactly the same for example.

If you do rename one player to have the same name as another player, then you will be asked to confirm “merging” those players and the matches will all be associated to the one player for statistics purposes.

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Timed Matches

Timed Matches have been added to Squash Scorer and Squash Scorer Plus as of Version 2.12.

device-2013-04-28-165635A timed match is one where there are a number of timed playing periods and between each playing period is a rest period. The score can be accumulated throughout the entire match (Carry over score) so that each player has a grand total at the end or the Squash Scorer supports the idea of timed games where each timed game is a game in its own right with its own score. The winner would be the one with the most games.

The timed setup screen looks like the following

device-2013-04-28-165645The Carry over score checkbox determines whether each timed period is to be treated as a game in its own right or whether the score should be carried over from each timed period to the next giving a single grand total at the end. The Carry over score cannot be changed once a timed match is in progress. Start a new match to enable it again.

You can use the Add Period button to add an additional period. The above example shows two 10 minute playing periods with a 1 and a half minute break period between them. Again, the add period button cannot be changed once a timed match is in progress. Start a new match to enable it again.

You can edit any of the values for longer or shorter playing periods or longer or shorter breaks. Changes will be saved when you leave the screen.

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