Known Issues

This thread is to be devoted to current known issues.

These issues will be updated with each release.



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4 responses to “Known Issues

  1. jpurrazz

    Im here at canadian national doubles in toronto and am using the plus version. Everyone was impressed with the look of the app on my Samsung galaxy 3. In scoring even though you have a hardball doubles of AXYAB selection. The game starts with A then if they lose the point it goes to X (good), then if X loses the point it goes to B. It should go to Y. AAlso the first server is from the team you touch last for cirst server. It doesn’t mattter the previous selection of which team serves first. I also sem to get the first server backwards and no way to switch it in a game. Makes it difficult when something didnt come out as I entered it.
    Love the app. Im the envy of my squash buddies. Trying to plug it for you. Dont be surprised if you get more downloads this week.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your comments re: Hardball doubles. I’ve never refereed a doubles match in my life so I always worry that I’ve got something wrong! I tried to replicate the issue you’ve described but wasn’t able to do so… Here’s what I see. Is it different to what you’re seeing?

      Update: I’ve done more testing and have managed to replicate the issue! It seems to happen when the first serving order for the initially receiving team changes and furthermore the initial server of the match is wrong too… So I’ll work out what’s going wrong and get an update out asap.

      Update 2: I’ve located the problem and am working out how best to release a fix.

      Final Update: I’ve decided to release the fix immediately rather than incorporating it into my next release. Its been published to Google Play and should be available for download before too long.

      (My initial testing is below)

      I’ve started a match with one team having players “a” and “b” and the other team having players “x” and “y”


      I choose the “ab” team to serve…


      Immediately I’m asked to select first servers for the teams and I’ll leave it as the default settings meaning “a” is to serve first from the “ab” team and “x” is to serve first from the “xy” team.


      Start the match


      You can see that “a” is serving (from the right) and “x” is receiving by their relative positions in the court


      I choose “handout” and now according to the hardball rules we should handout to “x” who was chosen as the first server when the match started… but first I get to choose the receiving positions for “a” and “b” because they dont have to have be chosen until now…


      And now we see “x” is indeed serving from the right and “a” is receiving


      Another handout and the serving order says “y” serves after “x”. Here you can see “y” serving from the left (this may be a misunderstanding on my part for hardball doubles in particular if the serving sides dont need to change…but you can just swap their sides if needed)


      A further two handouts sees us back at “a” and then “b” serving (note the alternating sides again)



      I tried a couple of different combinations with who was serving a receiving first and it seemed to be doing the right thing…but as I said, I’ve never refereed doubles in practice so I could easily be missing something.


  2. jpurrazz

    You the man!!!!!
    I saw the update this morning which might have meant you saw my email and fixed it overnight and you did. Thanks so much. Going to the semis today ready to kick some.

    • No worries Joseph.

      That bug was an important one to correct quickly. I very much appreciate you letting me know about it because I don’t use the doubles side of the app myself so I don’t always get to see problems firsthand.


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