Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer – Sharing

The sharing screen allows you to share match results to Twitter, Facebook or eMail.

swipe2 device-2013-04-02-111643You can swipe across the screen to change the match to be shared. The matches change in chronological order if you do this.

You can add a referee, marker, event name, location, division, round and court and these will appear in the body of the email. They are optional but will be transferred to the paid Squash Scorer Plus app if you upgrade. In the Squash Scorer Plus app they form part of the WSF score sheet attachment.

The Twitter and Facebook options post short messages to Twitter or Facebook and you will be asked to confirm before posting. You are shown the message to be posted.

The eMail sharing option asks you to choose your favorite eMail client and creates an eMail message with the results of the match in the subject line, match details above in the body of the email and the “send to” recipient added from the field on the Preferences screen.

The premium Squash Scorer Plus application also creates a complete WSF scoresheet which is attached to the eMail. Please consider upgrading to the Squash Scorer Plus app to gain this and other functionality!


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