Squash Scorer Plus – Exporting and Importing

Squash Scorer Plus allows you to export your matches to a file which is automatically attached to an email. You can send this to a friend or even back to yourself. The squash scorer import will not overwrite any matches you have scored, it will ignore matches that are identical to existing matches and only add different matches. If a match has had its associated details changed, for example the “Marker” is changed then that counts as a new match to be imported.

The idea is that this file can then be used to load those matches back into the Squash Scorer Plus app if you upgrade your device or load the matches into another device if, say, you want them in both your tablet and phone or even simply send them to a friend.

Exporting is straight forward, navigate to the preferences screen and select Export Database and the matches will be sent into a file on the SD card. Dont worry if you dont have an SD card, Android pretends you do.

device-2013-04-02-111756The file created is /mnt/sdcard/squashscorerexport.xml

When the export has completed you will be asked to select your email client and the file will automatically be attached.

In order to import you should detach the attachment and save it to the /sdcard folder on the device.

Often this is /mnt/sdcard

You must keep the same name which is squashscorerexport.xml

When you select Import, the app will look in the sdcard folder for a file named squashscorerexport.xml and if found will ask whether you want to open it and then will read it into the database. The file is dated to help you identify its contents.

device-2013-04-02-111835Once Import has been selected, the app will load the matches into its database

device-2013-04-02-111847The file contains all the information from the Squash Scorer Plus database and that includes the players.

Some email clients dont allow attachments to be saved to the SD card. You may need to choose a different mail client or possibly install an app that will enable saving the attachement.


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