Squash Scorer Plus Initial Install

If you have the Free app still installed when you purchase and install the premium Squash Scorer Plus app, then you will have the option of transferring the matches from the free app to the paid app.

Android applications are shielded from each other and hence its not possible to load the matches from the old app into the new app directly. They must be exported from the old and imported into the new. To achieve this, the Squash Scorer Plus app will request the free app do an export of its matches. This export file is saved in /sdcard

And then the Squash Scorer Plus app will import those matches.

This is the same process that is used when you export from the Squash Scorer Plus app into an email as an attachement and then detach that attachment into the /sdcard folder of the target device and do an import.

If you say no to the transfer of matches when you first install Squash Scorer Plus, then you can re-initiate the transfer by uninstalling the Squash Scorer Plus app and then reinstalling it. You dont have to pay for it again, Google Play knows you own it. It would be wise to make this decision soon before you score matches with Squash Scorer Plus otherwise you should export any matches you’d scored, uninstall and reinstall to import the matches from the free app and then use the export to import the matches you’d scored and wanted to keep with the Squash Scorer Plus app.

More information on exporting and importing can be found in the Squash Scorer Plus Export/Import article.


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