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Please use this thread to post any discussion relating to the Squash Scorer applications. If you have any problems with the applications or questions on their use or even suggestions for improvement then please let me know here!






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34 responses to “Squash Scorer Discussion

  1. Bryson Hawkins

    Hi Tim,
    I’m really enjoying the plus edition – great inclusions.
    Suggestions: would very much like to have fields included to provide for the three referee system when emailing results. Would also love to have the match or game timer visible and counting while scoring once the match has commenced. Even without these inclusions, this remains the best squash app for Android so far!

    • Hi Bryson,

      Its good to hear from you again. You’ll be pleased to know that the “Pro” version of the app is underway and will fully implement the three referee system. I’m using Wi-Fi direct technology to have the devices communicate so if anyone was contemplating buying a device to use for Squash Scoring then I’d recommend getting one that supported Wi-Fi direct.

      The Google Nexus 7 tablet does and is what I’ve chosen to develop against. My other choice is the HTC One XL phone. The Samsung S3 also does for those who have gone down that path but please note the issue with font size and a correction available in the preferences to alter the font size. Corrected in v2.5

      Meanwhile your suggestion of altering the scoresheet to add a third referee sounds like a good one and I’m going to need it anyway so I’ll look into that. It will mean altering the “standard” WSF scoresheet but I guess to accomodate the three referee system it needs to be done.

      And having a timer on the scorer screen is also a good idea and you’re not the first to ask for that so I’ll also consider that too. This has been added for version 2.5


  2. Brendon Stokes

    Hi Tim

    is there an easy way to enter old scores with the correct date etc?


    • Hi Brendon,

      At the moment there is no easy way to backdate scores but its certainly something I’ll keep in mind for a future enhancement.

      It is possible to do, however I wouldn’t necessarily call it easy 😉

      From Squash Scorer Plus you can export your database and that puts it into an “XML format” file (and attaches it to an email and so on). You could then carefully edit that export file and modify the dates. I believe the one’s you’d be most interested in live between the “Match” tags. Then you import it back in and Voila.

      I dont recommend editing the export file unless you’re quite comfortable with XML though. It would be very easy to get something wrong and break the application’s ability to import it.

      Cheers and thanks for the question,

  3. Dean Robertson

    Hi again Tim. Still loving the app. 2 practical issues I have come accross.
    1 Beteen games, could you make the top part of the timer block slightly smaller so it doesn’t cover the game scores.
    2 On the match summary details, is it possible to total the points for each player. useful for league fixtures.
    Regards Dean

    • Hi Dean,

      Thanks for your support! Yes, The timer popup is a bit bigger than it needs to be so I might be able to trim some empty space from around it which will help. Also I hear you on the point total for each player, I come across that every week myself! So yes I’ll look at that for sure 🙂

      Edit : Neither of these changes made it into 2.7 but both are still on the list.

      Edit : Both these requests have now been implemented.


  4. In the Comment section of the Google Play market, Larry asked “Does it facilitate best of 5 games as a setting? Can you set a 2 point lead as a default setting?”

    So to answer that here a bit more in full, all matches chosen in preferences default to best of 5 games. You can change it to be best of whatever you like though.

    The second bit is a bit more interesting. At the moment Squash Scorer (and Squash Scorer Plus) always notice its deuce and ask how the deuce is to be handled. In all cases except for Hardball doubles, the options are 1 more point, two more points and two points ahead. So Larry’s preference for two ahead is there…except I don’t actually believe that’s a valid “choice”

    What I mean is that unless I’m mistaken the two options one more or two more are the only real valid choices players can make and the option of two ahead is really defined by the match itself. The match is say first to 11 with two ahead to win.

    So the upshot is that it may make sense to remove “two ahead” from the deuce popup and add it as a preference.

    Does anyone else have any views on this?

    Edit : As of Version 2.13 Scheduled for release late April 2013, The option for “Two Ahead” has been removed from the deuce popup dialog and added to the match info screen as a setting for the match. The two remaining deuce options (3 options for hardball doubles) have been turned into image buttons that are easier to read and further apart for easier entry.


  5. Tim:
    I had occasion to use the Squash Scorer Plus at the OSDL City Championships in Toronto this weekend. I’ve come up with two problems that need to be looked at.
    First, the easyest to fix I am sure. As each side serves the service must continue to alternate through the two servers. On the second hand coming in, the service should be in the opposite box to the previous serve. At present, when the first server has hand out in the RIGHT BOX the second server comes in at the RIGHT BOX. He should be coming in at the LEFT BOX.
    You do have the option of changing the box by touching the ball on the correct box but it would be good if you didn’t have to make this change manually.
    The second problem is more complicated. In the third game of each match I used the app to ref, the partners switched sides in the app. There was no way to switch them back in the middle of the game. At the beginning of the next game the “Doubles Receiver Selection” screen had no effect.
    Thank you for the fine work you have done so far and I look forward to hearing from you on this

    Terry Bruce

    • Hi Terry,

      Its good to hear from you again! I have a few clarification questions to help me. For the servers starting on different sides, is that rule for hardball doubles only? Or is that for all forms of doubles?

      Secondly, I’ll try to reproduce it but when the players mysteriously switched sides in the third game, was it for receiving or serving players? You mentioned that swapping receivers using the between game dialog didn’t work. Was that after the problem …and tried at the end of the third game?

      Thanks for your comments! I’ll look into this asap!


      Edit : So upon reviewing the rules specifically for hardball doubles I found the following section in the rules

      Hardball Doubles Rules

      3. Service
      (a) The service begins the play of each point and is the striking of the ball with the
      racquet in accordance with this entire Rule 3. At the start of a match the choice to
      serve or receive shall be decided by the spin of a racquet. The two partners of a
      side shall serve in succession, the first retaining his serve until his side has lost a
      point. On the loss of a subsequent point the side shall be declared “out” and the
      serve revert to the opponents. On the first serve of every game, however, the “in”
      side shall be declared “out” after it has lost one point only. The order of serving
      within a side shall not be changed during the progress of a game. At the end of a
      game the side which has won the game shall have the choice of serving or
      receiving to commence the next game.

      And I see that selection of receiver sides isn’t mentioned like it is for regular doubles squash and instead continued serving for the winning team is optional! It looks like there is a bit more work to do to fully support hardball doubles scoring!

  6. Hi Tim:
    The rules that we use are Official Playing Rules of Hardball Doubles as maintained by Squash Canada and U.S. Squash, and approved by the World Squash Federation. Effective January 1, 2010.
    A PDF copy can be found at the following. http://www.squash.ca/en/rules-game .

    Where it really gets complicated is when, at the start of a game, the serving side (winner of the last game) decide to let the second player serve first or they could also elect to let their opponents serve. All legal moves. I think that the easiest way to handle this would be to default the second and subsequent games serving to the same as the first. Then allow the change of the server by clicking on the players name, much like you change the side of the serve now. Remember that a change to one team does not mean a change to the other team. in this way the ref can straighten out a problem quickly in the middle of a match.

    The receiving side screen that you now present is really not needed after the first game if the ref can change the server by clicking on his name.


    • Thanks for that Terry, it sounds very much like I could go through the start sequence for the match for every game with hardball doubles because you appear to be able to select the serving team and set the server order, server and receiver sides for each game as well. I’d rather not add functionality for pressing a player which is already used for awarding lets and strokes.

      There is still the issue of the bug with mysterious swapping of player sides at the start of the third game and I’ll look into that. Resolution of that bug should fix “normal play” but in case you want to arbitrarily swap players at any time I could add an option somehow to bring up the select server and receiver sides and first server popup through the menu or something. I’ll think about that one.

      Edit : Hardball doubles matches go through the entire serving selection process for each game to cater for the rules as discussed! The server side swapping bug has been resolved.

      • Tim,
        In hardball doubles US and Can. the second person for the team serving needs to serve from the alternating box when the first server loses the point. The app defaults the second server to the right side. Is there a way to make this the default? I saw where I can click the serving box to allow the server to serve from the left or right box, but I’ll have to remmeber to do this after the first point is lost for the team.

      • Hi Joseph,

        Yes, Hardball doubles does have a few rules that are different from other forms of squash and I’m making some changes to cater for them. I’ll add the change of sides too!


  7. jpurrazz

    I was hoping to use the squash doubles scoring this weekend. Is it possible to make the change you suggested above of going through the start sequence on each game? That would make it functional.
    I imported all the contacts from my phone. Not good. Is it possible to delete them all and start over?

    • Hi,

      Re : “I was hoping to use the squash doubles scoring this weekend. Is it possible to make the change you suggested above of going through the start sequence on each game? That would make it functional.”

      I’ll see what I can do. FYI, The change has been made but there is at least one issue yet to be resolved plus a bunch of testing.

      Re : “I imported all the contacts from my phone. Not good. Is it possible to delete them all and start over?”

      If the contacts have been imported into the squash scorer database but dont have any matches associated with them, then when you press on them in the player edit screen you will be asked whether you want to delete them. If they are associated to matches then you need to delete all the associated matches first and you do that when you long press on them on the results list from the statistics button. You get to the player edit screen from the preferences screen.

      • Tim,
        I tried downloadng the 2.09 version, but it s still not asking before each game who is serving first. It automatically enters B to start serving game 2 if A started game 1. Thanks for responding. It is getting better. keep it up.. i like the 2,3 or 5 set at 13-all.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I’ve only made the change in my development environment and haven’t put it up in the market yet. I wont publish it until I’m happy its been fixed (and is still working in all other respects too!)

      • FYI, I’ve put version 2.10 up into the market now. It does take a while for Google to get its act together and make it available for download but it will happen soon if its not there when you check

        I’ve made changes to better support Hardball Doubles. Here are the release notes also published in the market

        Version 2.10

        – Uniquely identifies shortened doubles names on scorer screen.
        – Better handling of setting default points when game type changes in preferences screen.

        Hardball doubles changes
        – May change serving team as well as receiving sides between games.
        – Automatic swapping of server sides within teams

        Hopefully this’ll give you what you need!


      • jpurrazz

        Tim, the new version works much better. Functioning for Hardball Doubles. Thanks for the quick turn around to get the program working. I’ll start showing it to my squash buddies. Even though it asks you which team is serving first it appears that this is decided on the next screen by which person of which team you pick last. It is also important to pick the receiving teams first scorer as this defaults to the other person than who served first. In actual play the receiving team doesn’t have to choose who is serving first until they get to serve which means in the middle of a game, but this may be too hard to implement. Also the person who served first for a team usually always serves first as they are the stronger player. This defaults to the alternate person if you don’t select the receiving team server. I have Galaxy S3 android 4.1.1.

      • It may be possible to popup the server selection screen when the second serving team starts serving so I may be able to improve the way it works. That may actually be best for “regular” doubles too. I’ll look at that for the next release.

      • Version 2.12 includes a toast message that indicates the server side change was unexpected if applicable.

  8. Kevin

    How do you delete matches that you do not wish to keep?

    • Hi Kevin,

      From the home screen you press the statistics button and then you get the list of matches that have been scored. You can long press the match you want to remove and get a popup menu. One of the options is to delete the match.

      You cant delete a match in progress so use the “new match” button on the home screen to finish the match first.

      Thanks for your question.


  9. Steve

    Hi is there any way you can make an ios version of this app?

  10. Terry Bruce

    The new standard in Doubles Squash is “No Set”. In other words all games go to 15 regardless of ties. Could you please add this as a set up option?


  11. Hi, just bought the scorer plus app. When starting the game I cannot find a way to manually type the names of the players. The app only seems to give the option to pick names from my contact list. I must be missing a trick here as I assume no one playing competitive squash has all their opponents as contacts? Please explain. Thanks.

  12. Brian French

    Is there anyway of using Chrome cast to show the scoring live to the audience?

    • I expect you could mirror the screen using chromecast but I’ve never tried it myself.

      • Terry Bruce

        Yes. Google has a new capability allowing you to cast anything on your phone to Chromecast.

        You need to download the app Google HOME. RUn it and access the menu on the left. Click on Cast Screen/Audio. Choose your Chrome cast.. You are now displaying whatever is on you phone on you TV screen.
        Hope this helps.

      • Brian French

        Got it, thanks. It would be nice if it changed to landscape mode (better looking on a big screen) but that is not a huge problem.

      • You’re right Brian. There’s a number of changes in the pipeline. Hopefully I’ll get some time over our (southern hemisphere) summer to look at some of them!

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