Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer Plus – Homescreen

The Match Info screen is the App’s home screen and is where the App initially starts up.


It is a scrollable screen if you find it doesn’t fit on your display. From here you can choose players either by pressing on the silhouette images to select from your contacts list or simply entering them into the associated text boxes. The text boxes use auto complete from the Squash Scorer Plus database to help you select players who had previously been scored.

If the players have photos associated with them in the contacts list then they will be displayed.

You must supply all players before you can start scoring and two players may not have exactly the same name.

You may choose the match type on this screen. The following match types are supported


Singles – HiHo : Singles Hand In Hand Out. Players must be serving to win points

Singles – PARS : Singles Point A Rally System. Players win points with every rally win

Singles – Timed – PARS : Singles PARS with set time to play rather than set numbers of points per game.

Singles – Set No Games – PARS : Singles PARS but if say 5 games are selected then 5 games will be played irrespective of whether a player gets to 3 nil which would normally mean a match end.

Doubles – HiHo : Doubles Hand In Hand Out. Teams must be serving to win points

Doubles – PARS : Doubles Point A Rally System. Teams win points with every rally win

Timed matches have their own setup screen to define how many playing periods are to be played and how long the breaks are between each. Please see the Timed Matches post for further detail.

The New Match button will finish the current match and start a new one. You will be asked to confirm this choice. Once a match has started you cannot change the players without starting a new match.

The Statistics button navigates to the list of matches that have been scored with the Squash Scorer Plus. From that list its possible to long press the score on each of the entries to get to further details and statistics.

The Share Result button navigates to the share screen with the current game selected to be shared.

The arrows at the bottom navigate to the scorer and preferences screens respectively and the menu on this screen also allows you to navigate to those screens as well as navigate to the statistics match list screen and access these help pages if you have access to the internet.


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