The score sheet

If you haven’t already filled out the match details then you will be able to specify some of the information that appears in the scoresheet.

Many of the fields are self explanatory but two that deserve special mention are the Logo URI fields. These can be used to insert images into the scoresheet at the top left and right. In the above example the Squash 2020 images have been inserted.

The way to do this is to add the following

<img src=>

where the part is a link to a picture. In this case its a link to the Squash 2020 picture in the example scoresheet above. This can be tricky but often you can get the link from the properties of a picture in a webpage.

Right click->properties in Windows for example. There are many pitfalls to doing this so doing it early well before the match and even getting help from someone who knows how would be worthwhile. Its a powerful feature but its a use at your own risk feature too.

All of the fields in the match details screen are optional and if omitted, a perfectly good scoresheet will still be produced.

When you choose email, choose your favorite eMail program where the scoresheet will already be attached and ready for sending.

You will have the opportunity to modify the eMail message before its sent by adding more recipients or adding more text in the body of the message.

Please note that the “View” GMail attachment viewer does not display the scoresheet correctly but Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox will display it ok if you open the attachment directly. Also Outlook seems to display it ok. There are lots of viewers out there, let me know which ones work and which dont.


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