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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer Plus – Scoring Screen

Before coming onto this screen you should choose the players on the Match Info Screen. You may find more information on use of the scorer screen in the Squash Scorer Scoring Screen post where much of the functionality is common between the two versions. Differences are described in more detail in this post.

The Scorer screen for Squash Scorer Plus adds more functionality over the free version. One of the major additions is the ability to score lets and strokes.

You can use the “Calls” button to access the “Let Called” button but it is much faster and simpler to long press over the player namelongpresslet..and the yes let, no let and stroke options will popup on the screen as per the following screenshot.

device-2013-04-28-221022The “Calls” button is normally used to allow allocation of the referee decisions. Conduct Warning, Conduct Stroke, Conduct Game and Conduct Match. There is also an option to record a Break in Play on this screen.

If Conduct Stroke, Game or Match are selected then the appropriate points/game/match is awarded automatically as a result. This has been implemented as a series of corrections for the Conduct Game and Match. Please note that Undo applies to individual corrections and multiple undos may be required to undo a Conduct penalty.

You should choose a Conduct reason and you may choose from a predefined list or enter your own reason.

device-2013-04-28-221158The player selected should be the player who is being penalised.

All decisions appear in the Match details WSF scoresheet fully spelled out as well as the email scoresheet where they appear as (YL) – yes let, (NL) – no let, (ST) – stroke or a decision prefixed with “CW”.

The “Adjust Button” pops up the control that allows you to manually adjust the scores.device-2013-04-28-170521The “Game” selector selects the game number and would usually range from 1 to 5. The numbers on each side are the players’/Teams’ scores in that game.

The Squash Scorer Plus app adds doubles scoring and the screen shows all four players on the screen (see top).

The serving player appears next to the ball and the greyed player at the front is that player’s team mate. The receiving team is similarly greyed out showing who is actually receiving.

At the beginning of the match a dialog will ask you to choose the first servers from each team and the receiving side for each player. At the beginning of each game you will be able to change the receiving order with the dialog.

2.12 initialservingorderAfter each game you may change the receiving order but not the serving order.

2.12 aftergameservingorderThere are three doubles serving orders available. To read the serving notation, TeamA has players A and B and TeamB has players X and Y and the group repeats.

device-2013-04-02-132216The three serving orders are

International Doubles (AXBY)

Australian Doubles (AXYB)

Hardball Doubles (A,XYAB)



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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer Plus – Match Statistics

The Match Statistics screen shows detail for the match. The wins from the left and right figures are calculated from rallys that were served on the respective side and won as a percentage of the total serves from that side for the match. Rallys that resulted in strokes are not counted in this calculation


The bottom section scrolls vertically to display all the games in the match and may be swiped right-to-left to access the WSF scoresheet view of the games or swiped left-to-right to access the graphical progression views of the games.

The times serving are taken as the sum of the times each player was the server during the game and starts from when the “start now” button is pressed and finishes at the calculation of a winning score.

The number of serves would normally equate to the score for PARs matches but may be quite different for HiHo matches.

device-2013-04-02-132651The WSF scoresheet views show the detail for each point of each game. The lets, strokes and other decisions are displayed here in the column of the player/team who called it so for example in the screenshot displayed, Team Lee/Natalie called let and won a stroke and won the server whereas Team Amr/Madeline called let which was decided “no let” and resulted in a point to Team Lee/Natalie.

The WSF scoresheet also includes the times for each point and these are calculated as the times between each point/handout/let/decision.

Swiping right-to-left shows the next game with the final swipe taking you back to the initial match detail view.

device-2013-03-30-165254The graphical score progression screen shows the progression of the game with times between changes of scores, rates of scoring, how the lead changes and in the case of HiHo games, the number of hand-in hand-outs without scoring.

Swiping left-to-right shows the next game with the final swipe taking you back to the initial match detail view.

Use the back button to navigate back to the previous screen.

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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer Plus – Homescreen

The Match Info screen is the App’s home screen and is where the App initially starts up.


It is a scrollable screen if you find it doesn’t fit on your display. From here you can choose players either by pressing on the silhouette images to select from your contacts list or simply entering them into the associated text boxes. The text boxes use auto complete from the Squash Scorer Plus database to help you select players who had previously been scored.

If the players have photos associated with them in the contacts list then they will be displayed.

You must supply all players before you can start scoring and two players may not have exactly the same name.

You may choose the match type on this screen. The following match types are supported


Singles – HiHo : Singles Hand In Hand Out. Players must be serving to win points

Singles – PARS : Singles Point A Rally System. Players win points with every rally win

Singles – Timed – PARS : Singles PARS with set time to play rather than set numbers of points per game.

Singles – Set No Games – PARS : Singles PARS but if say 5 games are selected then 5 games will be played irrespective of whether a player gets to 3 nil which would normally mean a match end.

Doubles – HiHo : Doubles Hand In Hand Out. Teams must be serving to win points

Doubles – PARS : Doubles Point A Rally System. Teams win points with every rally win

Timed matches have their own setup screen to define how many playing periods are to be played and how long the breaks are between each. Please see the Timed Matches post for further detail.

The New Match button will finish the current match and start a new one. You will be asked to confirm this choice. Once a match has started you cannot change the players without starting a new match.

The Statistics button navigates to the list of matches that have been scored with the Squash Scorer Plus. From that list its possible to long press the score on each of the entries to get to further details and statistics.

The Share Result button navigates to the share screen with the current game selected to be shared.

The arrows at the bottom navigate to the scorer and preferences screens respectively and the menu on this screen also allows you to navigate to those screens as well as navigate to the statistics match list screen and access these help pages if you have access to the internet.

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The score sheet – printing

It was brought to my attention that when printed the scoresheet went over two pages. Under many circumstances this is correctable in the Windows print preview screen. Examples below are from Windows 7.

You can print directly out of the browser. Choose print preview and then hit the options button shown below. I’ve chosen landscape because it fits nicely on one page as you will see below.

…get rid of all the headers and footers.

…and set an appropriate scale so it all fits on one page. Here I’ve chosen 70% which seems to be pretty good.

If you’re not using Windows then I expect similar options are available.

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The score sheet

If you haven’t already filled out the match details then you will be able to specify some of the information that appears in the scoresheet.

Many of the fields are self explanatory but two that deserve special mention are the Logo URI fields. These can be used to insert images into the scoresheet at the top left and right. In the above example the Squash 2020 images have been inserted.

The way to do this is to add the following

<img src=>

where the part is a link to a picture. In this case its a link to the Squash 2020 picture in the example scoresheet above. This can be tricky but often you can get the link from the properties of a picture in a webpage.

Right click->properties in Windows for example. There are many pitfalls to doing this so doing it early well before the match and even getting help from someone who knows how would be worthwhile. Its a powerful feature but its a use at your own risk feature too.

All of the fields in the match details screen are optional and if omitted, a perfectly good scoresheet will still be produced.

When you choose email, choose your favorite eMail program where the scoresheet will already be attached and ready for sending.

You will have the opportunity to modify the eMail message before its sent by adding more recipients or adding more text in the body of the message.

Please note that the “View” GMail attachment viewer does not display the scoresheet correctly but Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox will display it ok if you open the attachment directly. Also Outlook seems to display it ok. There are lots of viewers out there, let me know which ones work and which dont.

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Squash Scorer Plus is here!

I am pleased to announce that Squash Scorer Plus has been completed and released to the market.

Squash Scorer Plus is the app that builds on the Squash Scorer app by adding doubles scoring, lets, strokes and conduct calls as well as adding the capability to produce and mail a complete WSF scoresheet. It adds graphical views of game progression and other statistics.

Visit back here for instructions on its use over the next few weeks.

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