Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer – Scoring Screen

The Scoring Screen is where you score matches.

device-2013-03-30-230346Before coming onto this screen you should choose the players on the Homescreen.

When a match starts a series of dialogs will happen to set up the match. If you have timers enabled from the preferences screen, you will be asked whether you want to initiate the timer when you first come onto the scorer screen at the start of a match or game or skip it.

The timer will countdown to zero unless cancelled. The timer will continue to count down even if the device is locked. At the halfway point of the warmup and with 15 seconds remaining between games, an audible alarm will sound if that has been enabled. Also the alarm will sound when the timer reaches zero. You may cancel the timer at any time.

Following the Warm Up timer is the Post Warm Up timer which counts down for a further 90 seconds if selected.

If you dont have timers enabled then the first dialog you see will be the choose server dialog where you should choose the initial server of the match.

Next you press a button to start the match. The time at which you press the start button is logged and becomes the start time for the match so it should be pressed at the call of love-all.

You may place the server on either side of the court at any time by pressing on the greyed out squashball. Normally you would only manually place the server after a handout. The server will alternate sides automatically as each point is played.

Once the game has started you should simply press the button corresponding to the call you make. Either a point is won by the server in which case you should press “Rally Won” or there is a hand out in which case you should press “Hand Out”.

The points will be awarded appropriately as well as swapping the server side. Currently the default start side is the right.

If deuce is reached, a popup screen will appear offering “One more”, “Two more” or “Two ahead” options. Once a player has won the game, the scorer will ask you to start the next game.

Using the undo button at the top of the screen, you can bring up an undo menu option and undo the last point awarded, handout or injury. You can undo points right back to the start of the match if desired.

There are a number of options that can effect this screen and these can be found on the preferences screen. Besides the timers mentioned above, you can optionally show a scoreboard view of the current result rather than the text view. You can disable the screen saver when on the scoring screen.

Once a match is complete, the text changes to reflect the win and all other controls disappear from the screen.

Swipe from right to left to navigate back to the homescreen or use the device’s menu button to bring up other navigation options. There is also a help option in the menu and that opens a browser in this site. You need an internet connection to use the help in Squash Scorer.


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