Squash Scorer, Because refereeing is about refereeing not scoresheets

Welcome to Squash Scorer

This site exists to support the mobile Android applications, Squash Scorer and Squash Scorer Plus which can be found in the Android Market (Google Play).



The Squash Scorer Apps have been written to help referees and markers by simplifying the process of scoring matches. They support the Hand-In-Hand-Out and Point-a-Rally scoring systems as well as timed matches and you can specify the number of points per game and games per match. The Plus version also supports scoring for doubles matches. They have timers for warmups and between games.

The Apps also provide interesting and useful statistics regarding the matches, games and players and provides detail in a WSF format for each game. The Plus version has a graphical view of match progression as well as additional statistics relating to doubles matches.

The Apps allow for sharing of the results for both the current match being scored and historical matches using Twitter, eMail and Facebook. The Plus version produces a full WSF scoresheet as an attachment to an eMail.

I’ve been playing squash for 30 years and I can genuinely say that the Squash Scorers have improved the game for me. I hope you enjoy the applications.


Tim Medhurst


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