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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer – Statistics Screens

device-2013-04-28-165424The Results list screen is accessed by pressing the statistics icon on the homescreen.

The scrollable list is sorted in reverse date order so the most recent match is listed at the top. You can press on a player to select matches in the list that the player has participated in.

2.12 resultslistcontextmenu

A long press over the score (middle part) of any list entry will bring up a context menu. This menu will allow you to choose to see various statistics relating to the match or players. You may also delete the match from here. You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the match.

Details of each menu option will be described in further posts.


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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer – Preferences Screen

The preferences screen is where you can choose the type of game you’ll be scoring.

device-2013-04-28-163646When “Enable Negative Scores for Handicap” is selected, you will be able to use the adjustment controls on the homescreen to adjust scores to be negative. You might do this before the game starts and is one way the scorer supports handicaps.

When “Disable Screen Saver in Scorer” is selected, the device will no longer periodically initiate the screen saver lock screen or dimming when the application is on the scorer screen with no input from you. The application will still allow the screen saver/lock screen to happen on other screens, however.

When “Show Scoreboard in Scorer” is selected, the application will show the scoreboard in the scorer screen.

When “Vibration Feedback” is selected, the device will vibrate once when “Rally Won” is pressed and twice when “Hand Out” is pressed. This gives non-visual confirmation of the scoring action.

device-2013-04-28-163713When “Traditional Scoring” is disabled, the method of scoring becomes a simplified system where you need only to tap on the player who won the rally and the app will determine whether a handout has occurred or not and score the rally accordingly.device-2013-04-28-163618When “Use Timers” is selected a popup window appears and lets you select the timer times for the warmup, between games and injuries. You can also select whether you want an audible alarm which will happen at the half way point of the warmup, end of warmup, 15 second warning of the between game time and end of the between game time. A match duration option shows a permanent timer on the scorer screen.

You can select different times if you wish and they will be remembered. You can also use the defaults button to reset the defaults shown above. Times are in seconds.

When “Use Location when Sharing” any share messages will also include the location where the post, email or tweet came from. The location is city and suburb. When the device cannot get a fix on the location it will display “an unknown location” until such time as a location fix has been made.

The increase font size option increases the size of the font and is set on by default. If you find the text is not fitting well on your screen then try disabling this option.

The Edit Players option allows you to rename players. You can only rename a player who is not currently being scored. More information can be found in the Edit Players post.

The “Twitter Account to tweet results to” field is the name of a Twitter account that will have the tweet directed to in addition to the Twitter account “squashscorer”. For the example above this means that the Twitter message will contain an @mySquashClub. You may follow the Twitter account ”squashscorer” on Twitter to see all results that have been posted.

The “Mail Recipient” field is the mail address that will be automatically included in the “send to” field of the mail message. You may add more recipients of course.

You may swipe to the right to navigate back to the homescreen from here as well as using the buttons provided at the bottom of the screen and use the menu to bring up further navigation options.

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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer – Scoring Screen

The Scoring Screen is where you score matches.

device-2013-03-30-230346Before coming onto this screen you should choose the players on the Homescreen.

When a match starts a series of dialogs will happen to set up the match. If you have timers enabled from the preferences screen, you will be asked whether you want to initiate the timer when you first come onto the scorer screen at the start of a match or game or skip it.

The timer will countdown to zero unless cancelled. The timer will continue to count down even if the device is locked. At the halfway point of the warmup and with 15 seconds remaining between games, an audible alarm will sound if that has been enabled. Also the alarm will sound when the timer reaches zero. You may cancel the timer at any time.

Following the Warm Up timer is the Post Warm Up timer which counts down for a further 90 seconds if selected.

If you dont have timers enabled then the first dialog you see will be the choose server dialog where you should choose the initial server of the match.

Next you press a button to start the match. The time at which you press the start button is logged and becomes the start time for the match so it should be pressed at the call of love-all.

You may place the server on either side of the court at any time by pressing on the greyed out squashball. Normally you would only manually place the server after a handout. The server will alternate sides automatically as each point is played.

Once the game has started you should simply press the button corresponding to the call you make. Either a point is won by the server in which case you should press “Rally Won” or there is a hand out in which case you should press “Hand Out”.

The points will be awarded appropriately as well as swapping the server side. Currently the default start side is the right.

If deuce is reached, a popup screen will appear offering “One more”, “Two more” or “Two ahead” options. Once a player has won the game, the scorer will ask you to start the next game.

Using the undo button at the top of the screen, you can bring up an undo menu option and undo the last point awarded, handout or injury. You can undo points right back to the start of the match if desired.

There are a number of options that can effect this screen and these can be found on the preferences screen. Besides the timers mentioned above, you can optionally show a scoreboard view of the current result rather than the text view. You can disable the screen saver when on the scoring screen.

Once a match is complete, the text changes to reflect the win and all other controls disappear from the screen.

Swipe from right to left to navigate back to the homescreen or use the device’s menu button to bring up other navigation options. There is also a help option in the menu and that opens a browser in this site. You need an internet connection to use the help in Squash Scorer.

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Instructions for the use of Squash Scorer – Homescreen

The Match Info Screen (Home Screen) is where the App initially starts up. It is a scrollable screen if you find it doesn’t fit on your display.


From here you can choose players either by pressing on the silhouette images to select from your contacts list or simply entering them into the associated text boxes. The App will remember players entered here for future statistics but you must enter them exactly the same each time. Entering “tim” isn’t the same as entering “Tim” however you can change the player’s names in the Player Edit screen available from the Preferences Screen.

You may choose the match type on this screen. The following match types are supported although only the singles matches are available in the free application.

  • Singles – HiHo : Singles Hand In Hand Out. Players must be serving to win points
  • Singles – PARS : Singles Point A Rally System. Players win points with every rally win
  • Singles – Timed – PARS : Singles PARS with set time to play rather than set numbers of points per game.
  • Singles – Set No Games – PARS : Singles PARS but if say 5 games are selected then 5 games will be played irrespective of whether a player gets to 3 nil which would normally mean a match end.
  • Doubles – HiHo : Doubles Hand In Hand Out. Teams must be serving to win points
  • Doubles – PARS : Doubles Point A Rally System. Teams win points with every rally win


The New Match button is used to complete the current match and start a new one. If the current match is incomplete then it will be finalised and no further scoring in it will be possible.

The Share Result button is used to navigate to the Share screen where you can Tweet, eMail or post to Facebook the results of the current or historical matches.

Between the two buttons is the Statistics button. Choose this to navigate to the list of matches that have been scored with the Squash Scorer.

Finally the arrows at the bottom of the page are used to navigate to either the scorer screen or the preferences screen.

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Squash Scorer, Because refereeing is about refereeing not scoresheets

Welcome to Squash Scorer

This site exists to support the mobile Android applications, Squash Scorer and Squash Scorer Plus which can be found in the Android Market (Google Play).

The Squash Scorer Apps have been written to help referees and markers by simplifying the process of scoring matches. They support the Hand-In-Hand-Out and Point-a-Rally scoring systems as well as timed matches and you can specify the number of points per game and games per match. The Plus version also supports scoring for doubles matches. They have timers for warmups and between games.

The Apps also provide interesting and useful statistics regarding the matches, games and players and provides detail in a WSF format for each game. The Plus version has a graphical view of match progression as well as additional statistics relating to doubles matches.

The Apps allow for sharing of the results for both the current match being scored and historical matches using Twitter, eMail and Facebook. The Plus version produces a full WSF scoresheet as an attachment to an eMail.

I’ve been playing squash for 30 years and I can genuinely say that the Squash Scorers have improved the game for me. I hope you enjoy the applications.


Tim Medhurst

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